Regional & Fair

Sustainability is the key. Wherever possible, our entire gastronomic range consists of fresh, local, sustainable and Fair Trade products. Our regional sources and suppliers all have "Fair Trade" and/or "Max Havelaar" certificates.

Naturally, from the region

logo natuurli rgbUnder the label, our supplier promotes the common, independent marketing and production of regional milk and cheese specialities and guarantee high-quality raw milk production with efficient cheese makers.

Fair Trade

logo fairtrade rgbThis label and its alternative trading model work towards the stabilisation and improvement of the livelihoods of small farmers and workers in developing countries.

Max Havelaar Foundation (Switzerland)

A quality label for Fair Trade products. The Max Havelaar Foundation improves the living and working conditions of small farmers and plantation workers in developing countries through Fair Trade. Member of Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO).

Sirocco tea

logo sirocco

Under the slogan "pleasure is our life", Alfons Kuster founded his coffee-roasting company on the upper shores of Lake Zurich over 100 years ago. Even back then, they paid great attention to detail. Just like today. Sirocco continues to find the best producer for you. People who cherish and nurture their products with heart and soul. People who do not compromise when it comes to the quality of their valuable raw material.


Meat, cheese & dairy Products: Limmattal, Tösstal and Zürcher Oberland (Switzerland)
Yoghurt: Höhn, Hirzel (ZH, Switzerland)
Cereals: Ticino (Switzerland)
Eggs: central switzerland
Bread: Bäckerei Bertschi - Zurich (Switzerland)
Fruit: Fair Trade - Max Havelaar
Tea: A. Kuster Sirocco AG - Zurich (Switzerland)

Hotel Glärnischhof | Regional & Fair - Juli 2016