Regional & Fair

Sustainability is the key. Wherever possible, our entire gastronomic range consists of fresh, local, sustainable and Fair Trade products. Our regional sources and suppliers all have "Fair Trade" and/or "Max Havelaar" certificates.

Our suppliers

NATÜRLI US DE REGION, canton of zurich

Under the label "natürli us de Region Zürcher Berggebiet", Natürli promotes the joint, independent marketing and production of regional milk and cheese specialities, and guarantees high-quality raw milk production with efficient cheese dairies. Read more.

Eggs STOCKERHOF, canton of Lucerne

Free range eggs from our own happy chickens (see video below). Read more.

SWISS ALPINE Salmon, canton of graubünden

We obtain our salmon from the salmon farm in the beautiful Lostallo GR. The sustainable indoor salmon farming convinced with the reuse of 95% of the water, short distribution routes (salmon is after 2 days in our hotel), working without antibiotics and chemicals and breeding conditions which are very close to the life of salmon in the wild (change from fresh to salt water).  Read more.


Zamba revolutionizes the production of fresh smoothies and fruit juices in Switzerland. The fruit juice is prepared by hand and freshly pressed. With love instead of additives.  Read more.


Fresh apples from Switzerland 100% directly pressed. The apples come from high-stem trees from previously unmanaged Swiss gardens and meadows. The apples are lovingly picked by disabled people and volunteers. You notice that with every sip!  Read more.

Brewery HARDWALD, canton of zurich

We offer local beer from the Hardwald Brewery in the Glattal. Read more.

SÄGET perch, canton of lucerne

We obtain our perch directly from the perch farm "Fisch vom Säget" in the canton of Lucerne. Read more.
☑️ Thanks to the recirculation system, much of the water can be reused. The water comes from our own spring.
☑️ Because the fish is purchased directly, it is in our house the day after slaughter.
☑️ Almost no fish meal is deliberately used for feeding.
☑️ From time to time we also buy a pig directly from the farm.

BEANARELLA (SCHWEIZ), canton of st. gall

Our Beanarella coffee machines in the hotel rooms offer gourmet coffee in organic quality for highest enjoyment. Sustainable coffee cultivation and roasting in Switzerland. The capsules and packaging are 100% compostable.  Read more.

SIROCCO TEE, canton of st. gall

Following the motto "Enjoyment is our life", Alfons Kuster founded his coffee roasting company on the upper lake of Zurich more than 100 years ago. Even then, with a great love of detail. Just like today. Sirocco still finds the best producers for you. People who put their heart and soul into their products. People who make no compromises when it comes to the quality of their valuable raw products. Read more.


We will be pleased to provide information about the origin/suppliers of other products on request.

Meat, cheese & dairy Products: Limmattal, Tösstal and Zürcher Oberland (canton of Zurich)
Yoghurt: Höhn, Hirzel (canton of Zurich)
Cereals: Ticino (Switzerland)
Eggs: central switzerland (canton of  Lucerne)
Bread: Bäckerei Bertschi - Zurich (canton of Zurich)
Fruit: Fair Trade - Max Havelaar
Tea: A. Kuster Sirocco AG - (canton of st. gall)

Hotel Glärnischhof | Regional & Fair - Juli 2016