Green Globe


In July 2016, Hotel Glärnischhof was awarded the Green Globe Certificate and has been recertified every year. By receiving this distinction, Hotel Glärnischhof sends a clear signal when it comes to the implementation of future-looking and sustainable concepts that contribute to the conservation of precious natural resources.

The Green Globe Certificate was established in 1993 as an international certification program focused on sustainability within business. It was developed with a special focus on the travel and tourism industry and, as of today, is the only international benchmarking and certification program based on the so-called Agenda 21 guidelines. Its outreach is worldwide in accordance with ISO 17021 and is intended to create a framework for improvements in the environmental and social sectors.

The Green Globe standards include measurement of verifiable indicators such as energy, CO2, water and waste. The number of criteria varies according to the type and size of the business (hotel, conference center etc.), event, as well as local factors. The criteria are dynamic and are revised twice a year. The list of criteria is not public and only accessible to participants. The actual weighting of individual criteria is not even known to participants.

The requirement for certification included extensive on-site auditing, during which the sustainability initiatives of the hotel were evaluated. It comprises a series of measurable, practice-relevant indicators for successful sustainability management. Of the 285 criteria which were examined, Hotel Glärnischhof was able to meet 219 and thus earn 77% of the total points possible for award of the certificate.

"With its dedication to sustainability, Hotel Glärnischhof is on an exceptional level", stated Dr. Sarah Jenny, who, as an independent Green Globe auditor, was responsible for awarding the certification. "This is contributed to by exemplary communication regarding related offers as well as intensive cooperation with collaborative partners, who likewise take a sustainable approach to business. As I conducted my on-site inspection, I was able to convince myself that Hotel Glärnischhof is consistently pushing ahead with the implementation of sustainable strategies."

In recent years, Hotel Glärnischhof has put into place several initiatives for greater sustainability. For example, the hotel's energy efficiency has been improved step-by-step: A new, highly innovative heat pump (which recovers all required energy for heating from the water of Lake Zurich), an energy-saving LED lighting system throughout the hotel, as well as electricity production from purely sustainable sources, such as hydro-power, are amongst the measures which have already been put in place. The introduction of "100% Regional and Fair", along with a comprehensive food-waste concept and cooperation with similarly certified partner businesses, is all part of the sustainability strategy. Furthermore, Hotel Glärnischhof joined "Regional and Fair Breakfast" as one of that initiative's charter members, a code aimed at greater sustainability at Zurich hotels.

"We are highly delighted about the outstanding evaluation we received during the certification process", says Christian Schübert, general manager of Hotel Glärnischhof. "It shows that the measures we have implemented put us on the right track. Simultaneously, the award spurs us on to continue to develop our sustainability efforts in future. We are dedicated, as far as possible, to doing our part to care for our beautiful environment."